Turn Up The Gas

by Lonnie Gasperini

Released 1999
Released 1999
Organ jazz,blues,funk, and vocals by Lavern Sims
As one of the most gifted soul jazz organists to emerge from the state of Rhode Island, Lonnie Gasperini has grooved night club goers from coast to coast.Lonnie is a Hammond B3 purist. When he sits down at the organ he becomes one with it, He controls the organ completely and can make it whisper or scream. Lonnie can be very percussive at times or very laid back in his approach.He also can be a wild man as stated in a recent review by the International Archives for Jazz Organists. An organization started by Juergon Wolf in Europe which promotes Organists.

Lonnie's history includes touring and recording with the group 'Cannabis" in the early 70's and is featured on the recently reissued CD "A Joint Effort" and includes his original tune "Only Rock in Stock".

Lonnie is the featured organist on the late Jeff Terra recording 'Groovin in the Galaxy" and he grooves on his original "Grooves Blues." which was recorded by "Atonement Records.
Also appearing on this CD is the sultry Miss Lavern Sims,one of the new breed Show Song Stylists emerging from the universe of yesterday which birthed such great legends as Billie Holiday,Bessie Smith,Josephine Baker,Ella Fitzgerald,Sarah Vaughn, and Carmen McRae.Most are gone but few still remain today to carry the torch which lights the Horizon of true heartfelt Jazz lovers.
You have but to hear Miss Sims once to know that she has picked up the torch and will carry it with greatness. She has the gift and a mysterious quality which makes it impossible for one to sit still during her performance.She reaches inside the heart and soul and pulls her audience to her, thus making them part of it which leaves them sitting and wanting more--long after the show is over and the last note has been sung. It is this great combination of Hammond organ, in a style in which only Lonnie can play along with Lavern's feeling and emotion which makes Lonnie's latest CD
a must for everyone who loves Hammond b3 organ and great
vocals to add to their collection.
Also featured on this Cd is baritone sax man Art Hazard. His sound may remind you of Cecil Payne or Gerry Mulligan. His robust sound may be heard on the tune organic manic, or his sweet gentle approach as in Well be together again adds yet another rare marriage of organ and bari sax.
Keeping the groove and laying it in the pocket is the young drummer Mark Teixeira who covers all styles and is now the featured drummer for guitarist Duke Robillard.
On guitar Broc DeChristopher wails on organic manic and adds the right touch on ballads.
Lonnie is also a sideman on Newer CD's most of them avaiable on CD BABY.with sax man Scott Gordley, Mark Texeira, Duke Robillard, Masami Ishikawa, Tim Lafazia, and Thurman Barker. Check out: http:cdbaby.com/cd/lonniegasperini for his New CD on Doodlin records. Lonnie continues the organ tradition along with a style of his own. His music is an exciting blend of American roots and what's happening now!