May 31, 2008

Format: Audio CD
If you check out some of Lonnie's label mates on the relatively new DOODLIN' LABEL one thing is for sure - - he definitely had a big grade to make... Listen to the CD and something else is apparent: He more than made it. - - In his relatively young '50s, Lonnie is a Gospel, Groove and Soul Jazz fused B-3 player who is 100% in the tradition, yet isn't merely copying others: He's speaking from the heart. Fans of the '60s Blue Note/Groove organ sound (and its recent revival) will find this CD to be a fresh welcome to their collection... a straight through listen... and a CD featuring a group that can play cool and swinging just as well as hot and funky... (Lonnie's mentor, another Lonnie named The Doctor wrote the liner notes incidentally!)

All in all I honestly believe that this is one of the best Jazz organ recordings to come out in ages and although I'm an "old school" snob I have absolutely no problem with this being in my collections... It and Lonnie are the REAL DEAL, and Lon knows how to work those pedals, kick mean LH bass and lay on the shout chords as well as tricky licks.